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ADA SIGNS is a Division of David W. Ramer ADA Signs are mandated by Federal Regulations for any building where individuals with physical disabilities may want to gain access. ADA SIGNS also produces Non-ADA Interior Signage Packages to meet the needs of clients where ADA Signage is not required. There are a number of requirements which must be met; such as Grade II Braille, 1/32” Raised Text, Non-Glare Surface Material (also known as a Matte Finish), Contrasting Backgrounds from the Raised Text (Dark on Light or Light on Dark) and many other subtle requirements. Not all rooms or signs require the same specifications. Some signs require a Pictogram and Raised Text while others do not. ADA SIGNS will make sure that your Interior ADA SIGNS Package complies with Federal ADA Requirements. For additional information on ADA Requirements, click on the ADA Info button below. Even with all the regulations, there is a lot of latitude in the design and fabrication of a quality Interior ADA Sign Package. ADA SIGNS will work with your designers and architects to facilitate an attractive and compliant package which meets Federal ADA Regulations. We will also work directly with your architects to ensure that all State ADA Regulations are communicated to ADA SIGNS prior to designing and fabricating your Interior ADA Sign Package. ADA SIGNS can also work with your architect and general contractor to coordinate your Exterior Signage as well. If there are any signage requirements that ADA SIGNS cannot produce in-house, we will partner with industry professionals to ensure that your package is executed to your satisfaction. As a full service shop, we typically provide a full ADA Interior Sign Package, Memory Boxes for Memory Care Residents, Custom Branded Interior Signage and Architectural Panels of all styles and materials.
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